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I am a terrible blogger — there was a time I was fairly good at it. I guess my writing skills are being tunneled in another capacity — due dates & grades.

I’ve been at my job for a little over 2 months. 2 months ago today was my last blog post. In the last 2 months I have seen heart break, healing, tragedy and disgust — all in ways I had no idea the depths of which I could feel.
My job is challenging and has put my ability to be flexible to the test. I’ve been late more times in the past 2 months than in my entire adult life. The panic is lessening — and thankfully it’s not transferring over to my personal life. It is part of working in child welfare –things don’t go as planned. I have learned to not listen to others on time perception — some that I work with think 5 minutes means “less than an hour” and if they tell me it will take 5 minutes to get somewhere — it very well could mean 30! By 5 minutes they mean “not long” when I say 5 minutes I mean “5 minutes and 0 seconds.”

I spent 8 years as an assistant to the worship minister at our church — and I had no idea that God was using those skills to lay the foundation for my current job. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank Him for that opportunity. It was every bit a foundation for my current position as my education — in some ways — more so.

Graduate school — wow. We are having our first mid-term tomorrow -(and I’m blog posting -brilliant time management 😉 ) I love the classes –the one that I expected to dislike the most is the one I like the best. I so disliked Personality Theories (both at TCC and NSU) that I really did not expect to like Counseling Theories –but instead I am completely enjoying it. I look at the text books for the 3 classes and wonder what the difference is — my biggest (well, maybe not biggest — most intriguing?) project is a paper on my own emerging theory. My professor says she can see my emerging theory forming. I’m dying of curiosity “JUST TELL ME ALREADY!” I’m learning more about what kind of therapist I do not want to be than what kind I do want to be — the end project should be fascinating.

Family — Don’s health is tenuous at best. He is doing so very much to help me, support me and make this new lifestyle work. It is incredible to think of where we came from to where we are. I will be forever grateful for him. He’s a pretty good cook too –we knew he could bake, knew he could cook but he really can. He’s tiring of being the cook and planner –and it makes me giggle –he’s starting to understand my disdain for the question “what’s for dinner tonight.” I will admit to some smugness over this –but we both have a good sense of humor over it.

The boys are both living their lives. Benjamin is truly searching to find his own place in the world and what God has for him. He has always had a unique sense of where he belongs in the grand scheme of things — it is fascinating to watch him grow and develop. He has his Dad’s sense of logic (this is not always a good thing on either part!) and he has my sense of social justice –and these two things often collide within him. Actually, his sense of social justice makes me appear to be complacent and disinterested.
Samuel is working hard to regain the footing that he should have had given his natural gifts. He’s got a strong work ethic and a love of life, humor and decency. I am so very proud of the men they have become. I don’t like everything they do but I trust them to do the right thing. They are remarkable men.

Life is good — very good and I am ever grateful that I am blessed beyond measure.


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