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Actually Walking

friend sent me this video — I’m at about 50 seconds


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It’s been a while since I posted —

In 2008 I decided to go back to school — I thought I was returning with approximately 40 credits and a semi decent GPA (what is semi decent to a 23 year old and what is semi decent to a 42 year old are remarkably different). I learned that some of the classes that I had dropped — I’d not followed through the process and I had 4 F’s where I expected either the A’s I had when I dropped the class or at worst WP (withdraw passing). I thought I’d have about 2.75, maybe 2.5 GPA — but I had a dismal 2.1. Financial Aid will not give you any assistance with a lower than 2.0 — my ability to return to school was barely a reality. Because I’d taken a disability discharge on previous loans, I had to get medical approval to go back.

I went to my PCP –and she was not willing to give that approval, she referred me to my neurologist. He was unwilling to give approval. He told me that I was ‘too brittle’ and that it would result in multiple hospitalizations for myasthenic crisis and the fact that I was immunosuppressed — I’d wind up with infections needing hospital management. He did not feel it was a good idea and was unnecessary — I was already on disability — accept that. I went to my pulmonologist –who had the same reservations as my neurologist –as did my orthopic surgeon and my rheumatologist and my dermatologist. Not one was willing to sign off on my papers allowing me to go back to school. I returned to my PCP and explained to her the drive –the NEED — the insistence in my soul that I do this and she signed the paper. She asked me to take 6 hours — and I told her the first 12 would be classes I’d already taken but had to do GPA repair. She had already signed the papers I needed, and said “ok, 12 hours, no more and no student activities ..and we take each semester one at a time — but 6 hours should be your plan.”

I never did drop down to 6 hours

I never did go into myasthenic crisis.

I never did get an infection that even needed an ER treatment, much less hospitalization.

I was an honor student

President of the Student Advisory Board

Student Government Representative for the Psych Club

Psych club Student Government Representative ( no, that’s not repetitive, 2 different offices to do the same job, but it does require showing up to 2 different club meetings)

Member of Psi Chi

Pi Gamma Mu

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association Web Services Officer (for about 8 months)

I did 3 semesters of Independent Research (which will be expounded on in grad school)

I took the GRE

I applied for Grad school -and was accepted

On May 13, 2013 I graduated Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.5

With a Bachelor of Arts in Mental Health Psychology and a minor in Social work.

I started with 23 credits, I graduated with 143 credits.

I did what I did not think I could do

I did what I knew I had to do

I also won the full and total support of my medical team who are more than happy to have been proven wrong.

I am now looking for work with Department of Human Services –with a plan on working full time and going to grad school full time –and this time my doctors just grin and shake their heads

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